Evoqua’s Equipment Selected For Indiana WTP

Evoqua’s Equipment Selected For Indiana WTP

Evoqua announced its ETS-UV™ line installation is complete and commissioned at the Monticello Waste Water Treatment Plant in southwest Indiana.


ETS-ECF UV System​

The plant is located approximately halfway between Lafayette and South Bend, Indiana.

Evoqua was selected to supply two ETS-UV SW-835-14 ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems to the Monticello Waste Water Treatment (WWTP) plant that operates more than 36 miles of storm and sanitary sewers, multiple pump stations and is completing the third major upgrade since it was built in 1950.

At Monticello WWTP, resource recovery and energy reduction is a high priority. ETS-UV systems were selected because they perform efficiently and offer design and operational advantages to achieve these initiatives. The ETS-UV SW series are designed in a small footprint with an access hatch to eliminate flow disruptions and air pockets.

This feature makes it easier for routine maintenance of the chamber without the removal of the end flanges. The systems also have low voltage automatic wipers to keep quartz sleeves clean to prevent fouling.

UV disinfection is efficient, low cost and an environmentally friendly way to disinfect water. The process is safer for operators and the community; UV is a chemical free process that adds nothing to the water. Unlike chlorine, UV disinfection is able to inactivate pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Discharged wastewater with these pathogens can be dangerous for drinking supplies and recreational water.

Jon McClean, VP of Research, Development and Engineering, Aquatics and Disinfection stated, “Utilities are challenged to treat water smarter, in a reduced footprint, conserve energy and add advanced processes. Evoqua has a full portfolio of solutions to solve the next-generation demands.”

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