Murphy Wins €25m Contract from Irish Water

Murphy Wins €25m Contract from Irish Water

Murphy has won a €25m contract from Irish Water to design, build, operate and maintain the Staleen and Cavan Hill water treatment works (WTW) in County Louth.

After the modernization and upgrading of the two water treatment plants (WTP), Irish Water will be able to provide high quality drinking water to Dundalk and Drogheda towns.

Murphy currently operates 25 water and wastewater treatment plants for Irish Water.

Representative image, source: Pixabay

Built in 1974 and upgraded in 1986, the Staleen WTP supplies water to more than 80,000 people across Drogheda and East Meath areas. Cavanhill WTP, in operation since 1991, caters to over 35,000 people in the Dundalk area.

Murphy has also won a €2.5m contract to upgrade the Caugh Hill WTW near Dungiven for Northern Ireland Water.

Work in Louth is expected to begin this month and construction is likely to be completed in 2019. Murphy will then operate and maintain the works for the following year.

Irish Water will invest €5.5bn over the next four years to improve quality of drinking water, wastewater treatment, increase capacity, and create infrastructure.

Murphy water sector director Stuart Rothery said: “We are delighted to be able to provide a fully integrated design, build, operate and maintain capability for our water clients in Ireland.”

“We’re committed to the water industry in Ireland and what better way to show that than by investing in the country’s infrastructure and making sure our clients’ customers get a high quality water supply.”

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