Sludge reduction at lowest cost

Sludge reduction at lowest cost

How do you handle sewage sludge, organic sludge, chemical sludge, etc.?



1st Mechanical dehydrate such as Beltpress, Decanter, Filterpress, Thickener equipment, The Cake sludge of water content will be about 70~80%wt. However, 'cell water' in Floc can not be dehydrated by Mechnical physical dehydration equipment.



To dehydrate or dry 'cell water', Most of User are dried by hot air, solar dry, such as Solar Dry, Belt dry, Drum Dry, Fluid Bed Dry, or sent to the incinerator for burnt with high heat energy or landfill.


But these kinds of method are having a lot of problem as;

  1. initial investment is very high
  1. difficult to operate.
  1. contamination occurs
  1. costs are also high...etc..


You can choose ELODE to solve all these problem at once, which is a breakthrough dewatering (drying) method of ELODE(electro-Osmosis dewatering equipment). Only operate at 1/3 of your current processing cost, and the initial investment is very cheap, so you can recover it within the maximum 2 years.