Upgrading a Sewage Treatment Plant

Upgrading a Sewage Treatment Plant

Bolstered by a $4.61 million grant, the city of Willcox plans to begin upgrading its sewage treatment plant in November

The project is expected to improve wastewater treatment service for the city's 1,032 existing residential connections.

Willcox “For Willcox and the surrounding community, this grant agreement means better environmental and health results for decades to come,” Rep. Martha McSally said, calling it “the fruition of a multi-yearlong effort to upgrade and modernize the treatment plant.”

Willcox City Manager Ted Soltis said that with the financial assistance, the city “will be able to meet current wastewater treatment standards. This will have a significant positive impact on the future of the city.”

The reconstruction project will rehabilitate the existing plant by converting the process from a lagoon system to an oxidation ditch system.

“Reducing health risks associated with environmental deterioration and ground and surface water contamination is a priority for Willcox and the state of Arizona, and we are pleased NADB is contributing to this project,” said North American Development Bank Managing Director Gerónimo Gutiérrez .

The city is also receiving loan and grant funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development to cover the rest of the project costs, which are an estimated $11.3 million. Additionally, the city will be able to continue reusing the treated wastewater at Twin Lakes Golf Course instead of using potable water for that purpose.

Source: The Copper Era