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Water Treatment Plant OperatorsA network of professionals involved in wastewater/water plant operations. To exchange information, troubleshooting tips, and ideas on all aspects of the operation and maintenance of water treatment plants. All plant staff, management, suppliers and operators are welcome.

Accelerated Treatment of Sewage and Industrial Odors

Day in the Life of a Water Treatment Plant Operator

Water systems more reliable, efficient thanks new SCADA monitoring technology

Most Prague tap water will soon be going through a granular activated carbon filter

CADISON on LinkedIn: #waterindustry #projectefficiency #CADISON

Webinar on Integrated Software Solution for Water and Wastewater Industry

Flora, Indiana Water Treatment Plant


Take a Tour of the First Carbon Neutral Desalination Plant in California (Video)

The Central Kitsap Wastewater Treatment Plant (Video Tour)

Whole System Transformation

Introducing State-of-the-art Tech at Fargo Water Treatment Environmental Lab (Video)

Top 4 Jobs on the Wastewater Operators Checklist (Video)

British Water Raises the Bar on Service and Maintenance Across the UK

Delivering Smart Aeration to Norway's Largest Water Treatment Plant (Video Case Study)

Step-by-step Transition: Water Provider Updates Supply Network via Process Control Tech (Case Study)

Delivering High-quality Wastewater Treatment Services in Palmetto (Video)

Non Contact Flow Monitoring At Wastewater Treatment Plant

Introducing new video tutorial channel

Sanford Lab's wastewater treatment plant recognized

Behind the Scenes of a Modern Muncipal Wastewater Treatment (Video)

Nearly Two-thirds of Water Treatment Operators are Going to Retire in the Next Few Years

New Water Treatment Plant Brings Consistent Clean Water to Enoch Cree Nation

Water Treatment Plant Operators Calibrate Water Quality Monitoring Devices (Video)

New York moves to regulate 1,4-dioxane a 'likely human carcinogen' in drinking water

Florida 2018 Plant Operations Excellence Award

A Day in the Life of a Charlotte Water CCTV Crew (Video)

Howden Transforms Operational Experience in VEAS Wastewater Facility with Its IIoT Solution (Video)

Reduced Hauling Costs thanks to Flottweg Decanters (Video)

UV Solution Reduces Energy and Maintenance Costs at City of Silverton Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Texas Water Industry Faces a Workforce Shortage and Struggles to Attract New Talent

Two Temporary Desalination Plants Have Stopped Working in Cape Town

Huntington Water Treatment Plant Receives Excellence Award 20 Years in a Row

Tour of Great Falls Water Treatment Plant Highlights the New UV Disinfection System

Veolia Water Technologies Launches a Digital Plant Solution that Embeds Optimization

Evoqua Unveils ​Water One ​Platform

Switzerland’s First CeraMac® Water Treatment Plant Operational

New $1M Water Utilities Workforce Development Grants - USA

New Hendersonville Water Treatment Plant Features Innovative Disinfection System

​​​​​​​Water ​Treatment Plant ​Optimization (​WTPO) – ​Conference ​White Paper ​

Dramatically ​Improve ​the Effectiveness ​of Maintenance ​Operations by ​Analyzing Data

Packaged Disinfection Systems at 10 Water Treatment Plants in Hong Kong

Control System Simulator Helps Operators Learn to Fight Hackers

A Day in the Life of a Water Treatment Plant Operator: Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility

Digitalization in the Water Industry - Siemens Highlights (VIDEO)

Day in the Life of a Water Treatment Plant Operator

How to Get a Job as a Water Operator (VIDEO)

Water Network Optimization – Turning Traditional SCADA into Powerful Tool

How to Safely Remove Hazardous Substances from Wastewater Using Ozone

Full Water Treatment Process – Treatment Plant Video Guide by Wessex Water

​Abandoned Water ​Treatment Plant ​from Germany - ​20 years Later

Water Utilities are Facing a Customer Engagement Crisis

This Is What It's Like To Work In A Sewage Treatment Plant

Utility Engagement Sought on Real-time Monitoring

The Control Center at the Water Treatment Plant in Tewksbury, Massachusetts (VIDEO)

Water Utility Reduces Enterprise Complexity

Toxicity Audits for Troubleshooting and Evaluating New Influent Streams

Worms are Turning Waste into Water At a Treatment Plant

SWaT, ​Singapore's ​Water Treatment ​Test Bed for ​Cyber Security ​Research

SA Water to Install 6MW of Solar PV in Quest to Cut Power Costs – to Zero

When Brainpower Meets Municipal Waste Water

SA Water to Put Floating Solar Panels Water Treatment Plant to Bring Down Power Bills

Solar Farm to Power NI Water Plant

Yorkshire Water Embraces Sewage Sludge Market

First Large-scale Solar System on a Utility Water Tank in Australia

Inge Building Water Treatment Plant for Singapore’s Public Water Company

New Way for California Water Operators to Lower Ozone Generation Costs

Helping Water Utilities Reduce Energy Use and Emissions

World unique technology for Sludge treatment

Murphy Wins €25m Contract from Irish Water

4-in-1 Smart Utilities Plant Custom-made for Tropical Climate

​Liability of ​Utilities - ​United ​Utilities Case

PUB to Explore Using Reservoirs as Solar Energy Farms

Filamentous Bacteria - Problems and Solutions

Fluence Announces First Production of MABR Modules from China Factory

Eliminating Lab-based Water Cycle Chemistry Measurements

Submerged Aerated Filtration for Wastewater Treatment

Ice Pigging for Clean Pipes

Largest Water ​Purification ​Plant on the ​Planet

Spain’s FCC to Build $320m Water Treatment Plant in Egypt

Biological Sewage Treatment for Marine Applications

Monster Fatball Clogging Sewage Pipe in London

5 Ways to Improve Water Treatment Plant Efficiency

World Water Works Upgrades Deammonification Technology

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facilities Net New Tool for Energy Reduction

Streamwise - The ​Key to ​Wastewater ​Treatment ​Success ​

New ​Zealand Award ​Winning ​Treatment Plant

Adelaide Treatment Plant to Provide Sustainable Water for Irrigation

Successful tests of Vortex Layer effectiveness during manure odor neutralization

Removal of Phosphates from Waste Water

Floating Solar Power: New Frontier for Green Water Utilities

Sensus Wins Best Smart Utility Solution Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

Eliminating Fouling in Reverse Osmosis Membranes

GE to Upgrade Florida Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Doosan Enpure Wins $27m Water Treatment Plant Deal in UK

Xylem to ​Provide UV ​Treatment at ​Two Major ​Surface Water ​Plants

Modeling of the ​SBR Reactor (VIDEO)

SUEZ to Operate Mohawk Valley’s Water Treatment Plant

APB to Construct $1.8m Water Reuse Treatment Plant

Slow ​Sand Filtration

Wastewater to Fight Against Antibiotic-resistant Microorganisms

WRF Launches Project on Resilient Water Infrastructure

Continental Opens €1.8 Million Water Treatment Unit in Romania

Bacteria-Coated Nanofiber to Clean Wastewater

Welsh Water Invests £250m to Produce Green Energy

A Biotechnology of Excrement Plant

DC Water ​Turns Sewage ​Into a Soil ​Fertilizer ​called Bloom

Fired Employee Hacks and Shuts Down Smart Water Readers

Sydney Water Embarks on $250m Core IT Uplift

The Drain Man Acquires Advanced Sewer Technology Suite

What Does It Take To Be A Water Treatment Plant Operator?

Turning Waste Into Gold

Aguas Andinas to Turn Wastewater Treatment Plants into 'Bio Factories'

Enabling Intelligent Water and Wastewater Utilities with IoT

An inspiring story of Operation and Maintenance in Water Treatment Plants in Africa.

Severn Trent Installs Reliable Oil-free Screw Blowers

Tackling ​Damaging ​Biofilms in ​Water Cooling ​Systems

ELODE Electro Osmosis Dehydrator

Kingspan Launches New BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Plant ​Technology ​Hailed as Most ​Advanced in ​Canada

Mobile Screens Reduce Water Utility Sludge to Landfill by 97%

Sludge reduction at lowest cost

'Electric' Bacteria Can Purify Sewage Water - Fast

Membrane Bioreactor Advantages

Metawater to Help Save Electricity at Cambodian Water Plant

Scottish Water Launches Tunnel Boring Machine

Evoqua’s Equipment Selected For Indiana WTP

Water System Optimization with Software Package

Wireless Monitoring in Streamline Utility Operations

Benefits of Pipe Marking for Water Treatment Facilities

Creating a 'Digital Utility' with NB-IoT

'Peeling the Onion' to Get Rid of Odors Near WTP

Massive Biodigesters Produce ​Energy to Run ​the Sewer ​Plant

Waste Not Wasted at a Sewage Treatment Plant

TOTEX Approach in Water and Wastewater Systems

Ammonia to Nitrates in Just One Step

How ​​Treatment ​Plants Can Decrease ​Their ​Footprint

Wastewater Treatment Plants Going Off the Electricity Grid

Melbourne Water Upgrades to Protect From Cyber-attack

Collaboration to Help Steel Plants Become Greener

How IIoT is Revolutionizing Water Utilities

Reclaimed Water Reduces Stress on Freshwater Supplies

Grundfos Helps Utilities Raise Awareness of Sector Challenges

Introduction to Wastewater Phosphate Removal Options

Belgian WTP First In Europe To Use Zeelung Technology

Aerobic Granular Wastewater Treatment - A New Technology

About Wastewater Treatment

Building a Smarter Water System with Intelligent Tools

Job Openings on The Water Network

Water Industry Encouraged to Improve Cyber Security

Milestone for Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Reducing Septicity in Sewage

Upgraded Water Technologies for Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plant

Is Your Treatment Plant Secure?

IMEX Consulting Group - Water/Wastewater/Sewage Treatment

Israel Recycles 90% of Its Wastewater

Cheaper Way to Treat Septic Water

Nitrogen Levels in Soil Could Change WTP Infrastructure

DNA in Wastewater Could Provide Clues to Help Community Health

Girls Turn Poo to Clean Power

First City Ever to Power its Water Needs with Sewage Energy

Turning Wastewater into Energy

Using Anaerobic Bacteria may Cut Costs of Treating Used Water

Turning Poo into Money

Fuel out of Sewage

Wastewater Research to Protect the Aquatic Life

Methods of Sewage Treatment

Why Septic Tanks Need Desludging?

Activated Sludge

Nitrogen Removal Basics

Types of Digesters

Aerobic Digestion - Basic Chemistry

Operators Save Money With Online Water Management

Recycling Wastewater Byproduct

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Recycled WTP to Reduce Potable Water for Irrigation

Monitoring WTPs Using On-Line TOC Analysis

New Polymer to Purify Wastewater

Preventing the Sewerage Infrastructure from Corroding

MMSD's No-Bake Sludge

Improving Wastewater Treatment

Robust Rotary Lobe Pump

Water treatment

Pilot Program Using Bacteria to Reduce Nitrate from Drinking Water

Sludge Management Plan Published

Peter Petersen talks about his vision to start a CoP on TWN

pH Measurement In Industrial Waters

Handling Filamentous Wastewater Sludge

H2O Innovation Reveals its New WWT Technology

UV-Guard SMS Module for Water Purification System

Upgrades to Increase WTP Capacity

Noise Control Solutions for Water Treatment Facilities

Bacteria Eat Waste and Save Money in WWTP

Solar technology to kill pathogens in water

Damage Avoidance at a Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Privatization Benefits

Importance of Monitoring Turbidity in Industrial Water Treatment

Blue-Green Algae Monitoring

Rise of Global Industrial Sludge Treatment Chemicals Market

Clear Northwest Regina Smell

A Project Report on Wastewater Treatment

Administrative and Financial Management for WTP

A Free Plan to handle Drought

Infectious Disease Safety Training

USF Researchers Find Dangerous Bacteria After Sewer Spills

Titanium Corporation Fiscal Reports 2016

Vernon Public Works Director Talks Safety at Wastewater Plant

Turning Sewage into Heat

Upgrading a Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewer Plant Saving Time and Money

Wastewater Equipment Causing sporadic Odor

Odor Control Project

Biosolids Management

Sludge Dewatering Line - Biogas Production

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Increase Sludge Production

Benefits of a managed solution approach for water utilities

IoT for water: Utilities' role in the internet of things

WA wine industry adopts satellite imagery - Data for competitive edge

Inside a wastewater treatment plant | Virtual tours

Mathematics Manual for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

United States Congress Urged to Spur Water Infrastructure Renewal

That Dangerous H2S - It’s More than a Rotten Egg Smell

Xpel Reduces BOD Levels, Saves Operators Wastewater Fines

Fixing Phosphorus: How Adaptive Management Can Solve a Nutrient Dilemma